Place: Dalhoun

Distance from Beirut: 45 km

Dalhoun is about 45Km away from Beirut, the town is located on a hill surrounded by valleys on all sides. It is one of the towns of Iqlim al-Kharroub.

it is the town of original heritage ice cream with a unique taste that is cooked using flour with natural materials, it is a town that must be visited once and more.

Dalhoun contains in its lands and neighborhoods many ancient monuments dating back to the history of Prince Fakhr El-Din I since 1460. Among the most important archaeological monuments in the town of Dalhoun are the tombs that were carved into the rocks in the form of caves, sarcophagi, pottery pieces, and the remains of archaeological buildings that were destroyed in the 1956 earthquake. In addition to many presses that were used for pressing olives in order to produce the original olive oil.

Tourism in the town of Dalhoun is not limited to the picturesque nature and ancient monuments, but rather goes beyond that with the presence of many religious monuments that reflect the religious and spiritual character of the town and its people.

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