Place: Kfarnabragh

The origin of the name goes back to the Syriac language and means the blessed land due to its agricultural richness.

Kfarnabrakh rises 1,150 meters above sea level, and is located 45 km southeast of Beirut, the capital, and is only 30 km away from the Mediterranean coast. Its territory spreads over several kilometers of land.

The town of Kfarnabrakh is one of the mountain villages in the Chouf district. Kfarnabrakh is characterized by the beauty of its nature and the mild weather. It overlooks green valleys surrounded by wild trees such as oaks, pine, oaks, and other fruit trees such as olives, apples, figs, and grape vines.

 Kfarnabrakh is considered one of the vital and active towns in various cultural, social and economic activities.

There are many schools and vital and touristic facilities in the town...

Kfarnabergh is a charming town and an excellent resort with a mild climate and picturesque nature.

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