Mazraat al-Shouf

Place: Mazraat al-Shouf

Distance from Beirut: 50 km

is one of the towns of the Chouf district, 900 meters above sea level, and 11 km from the district center and 50 km from the capital, Beirut.

The origin of the name "Al-Shouf Farm" is derived from an Arabic word that may have referred to rich farms and cultivations that existed in the town in ancient times, and the most important tourist attraction in the town is that it is located at the foot of a hill of the Barouk Mountains, and the Awali River flows at its bottom and it is covered by forests of oak trees and the boredom and the pine nuts in the outskirts of the town.

What distinguishes "Mazraat Al-Shouf" is that it still maintains a large number of ancestral homes, distinguished by their ornate architectural style, and among its most important economic products are honey, olive oil, and soap.

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