Place: deir dourit

Distance from Beirut: 40.1km

Phone: 00961-1-766664


Bkerzay's natural and private getaway in the Chouf mountains, offers an escape in a traditional Lebanese architectural setting, surrounded by breathtaking views. lush landscapes and wildlife.

As an eco-friendly conservation project, Bkerzay aims to preserve the natural beauty of Lebanon, with guesthouses carefully designed to mesh with the natural landscapes, without removing a single tree. indulge in culinary experiences, relax by the poolside, or immerse in wellness in the private spa and hammam rooms.

Dining experience in the shouf Mountain Indulge in mouthwatering culinary experiences, at Bkerzay's restaurant, cafe, breakfast room and sunset bar, offering lush views of Lebanon and the Chouf mountains. The different dining venues at Bkerzay extend simplicity, offering guests a gateway to immerse in nature as they dine throughout the day. The scenic settings, coupled with the flavorsome menu items fusing Lebanese and international cuisines, ignite all the senses.

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