Place: Baadaran

Distance from Beirut: 30 km

Located about 1100 m above sea level and 50 km from Beirut, Baadarane village is known for its Ottoman houses and monuments, particularly the Palace of Ali Pacha Joumblatt and the Taj el-Dine and Abou Chaqra gates.

Recent research in Baadarane showed roman ruins that include grape presses, tombs cut into the rock, and sarcophagi.

Hundreds of ceramic shreds related to an occupation from the Phoenician, the Hellenistic, the Roman, and the Byzantine eras can be seen between Baadarane and Khreibeh village.

A well-equipped guesthouse and wood cabins welcome overnight visitors who can enjoy a visit to the village workshop of rural products and loom atelier (old waving machine).

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