Place: Debbieh

Distance from Beirut: 30 km

 is a Lebanese village in the Ikleem Al Kharroub part of the Chouf district mountains, located roughly 30 kilometers south of Beirut, Lebanon. It is considered to be a midway point between the capital and the rest of Mount Lebanon. Debbieh is bordered by the towns of Saadiyat and Dahr Lemghara to the east and south and the town of Bourjein to the west and north. The town is one of the largest municipalities in Lebanon by surface size.

The town contains four Maronite Catholic churches. St Joseph's Maronite Church (pictured below) lies in the middle of the small village square, and the new Chapel of the Divine Mercy is directly opposite, while St Maroun's Maronite Church lies on the northern part of the town. St Aabda's Maronite Church lies near the Fkheity River also on the northern side.

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