Beit Ed Dine

Place: Beiteddine

Distance from Beirut: 41 km


Beiteddine is the administrative center for the Shouf District and home of the Mayor. It is 45 km away form Beirut and rises 859 m above sea level. Beiteddine is one of the most important archeological features that exist in Lebanon, and it includes many historical sites.


After the great Emir Shehaby II moved to Beiteddine, it became the capital of the Shehaby principality and the remained the prince’s headquarters of the prince from 1806 to 1840.


- The castle of the great Emir Shehaby II. He made it the most luxurious building the country has ever known and the summer headquarters of the presidency of the republic of Lebanon.

- The castle of the Emir Khalil and is now the center of the municipality and all government and security departments.

- The Castle of the Emir Kassem, known as the Saraya of the Darakon, is now the headquarters of the Lebanese Army.

- The castle of the Emir Amin known as “Al Maksaf”, is now a five star hotel.

- The castle of “El Sit” is the house the Emir built for his second wife Hosen Jihan. The Monorite Bishop Botros El Boustani bought it and made it the headquarters of the chair of the Maronite Patriarchate in Beiteddine.

- Aside from its castles, Beiteddine contains the Moussa El Maamari Fort.

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