Deir Koucheh

Place: Deir Koucheh

 was mentioned in several historical references, and it was in the past an important center for silk factories, during the days when silkworm breeding flourished in Lebanon. The town played an important economic role in the region as a whole, through silk and pottery factories and mills scattered along the bank of the Safa River. It was also a large commercial market full of industrial products and agricultural seasons.

Its houses are few in number and most of its areas are covered with orchards and forests, which makes it a typical town with the beauty of its nature, climate and seasons.

Olive groves extend their blessed bounties in Deir Kusha, whose land abounds with all kinds of delicious summer fruits, from cloves to peaches, apricots, peaches, and pears, in addition to almonds, all of which are excellent varieties.

As for the industrial sector, the town is very active, as there are pottery factories that produce jugs, pots, egg pans, pickles pots, and other various pottery utensils. There are also factories for the sweets industry, and others for the manufacture of gypsum for home decoration, as well as a printing press and many handicraft industries.

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