Place: Ketermeya

Distance from Beirut: 40.6 km

Ketermaya is one of the villages of Iqlim al-Kharroub in the Chouf District of Mount Lebanon Governorate. Ketermaya is distinguished by its location near the coast, which is located on the main road of the region. It is surrounded by the villages of Siblin, Al-Wardaniyya, Al-Maghiriyyah, Mazboud, Dalhoun, and Al-Ma'aniah. Its people are distinguished by their love and assistance for the guest. In the past, Ketermaya residents depended on agriculture and livestock for their livelihood. In the second half of the twentieth century, some businessmen emerged from them who established extensive businesses in Beirut, especially in the trade of meat, foodstuffs, and oils. Its inhabitants still attach great value to customs and traditions, in addition to the distinction of the mountainous Lebanese and Arabic Dabkeh, which is the popular dance prevalent in their occasions and weddings.

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