Maaser –Beit Eddine

Place: Maaser –Beit Eddine

Distance from Beirut: 42 km

Maaser –Beiteddine is about 900 km above sea level, its 42 km away from Beirut.its located on the shoulder of a valley that extends westward along Deir el Kamar all the way to Damour coast.

It is famous for the spring of water, which is visited by the people of the neighborhood for the sweetness of its water, and for the silk factory whose construction dates back to the nineteenth century, and there are stone presses located on the hill of al-Ram, north of the town. The water channel built by Emir Bashir II Al-Shihabi to bring the water of Al-Safa Spring to his palace in Beiteddine passes through it on the hill of “Muskifa” in the east. This canal irrigates the town's agricultural lands. Prince Bashir II Al-Shihabi used to go hunting there, so he built there, around the year 1830, the Church of Mar Elias Al-Hay.

 Maaser El Shouf is famous for growing fruits, especially apples, pears, peaches, grapes and olives, in addition to some vegetables

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