Place: Mtolleh

Mtolleh is a village in the Chouf District of Mount Lebanon Governorate in Lebanon. It is located at an altitude of 750 meters and covers an area of 120 hectares1. The village is approximately 22 km away from the center of the Chouf District, Beit el Dine. Saint Marry Mtolleh - Syda Lmtla, is a church in a beautiful sight to behold, the best time to visit this religious center would be during the festive season. Alight with twinkling lights, the roof of the structure adds immensely to its already “larger than life” aura. The building stands tall, with its roof touching the clouds! It is easily visible from a distance. On any other given day, you will find this place less crowded, give you solitude, solace and the most peaceful atmosphere to pray. Take a stroll in the neighbourhood, and you may find a couple of more such blissful prayer centers.

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