Baz Loom Musuem

Place: Baadaran

Distance from Beirut: 58km

Phone: 00961-3-702944


Life is still emanating from the handloom machine in Lebanon, which is located in the bosom of the town of Baadharan El Chouf. Nazih Baz, who inherited this craft from his fathers and grandfathers, continues to weave stories of history and heritage and draws them into royal gowns with golden threads to adorn the bodies of the great Arabs. And like a restless knitting shuttle, Baz is bent on knitting with uninterrupted threads of hope. It is his only dream to preserve this craft and pass it on to future generations, whatever the cost.
The loom is available and displayed in front of tourists and visitors at Baz Guesthouse.
Nazih Baz is always ready to provide everyone with a bouquet of valuable information about its history, origins and secrets

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