Marie Baz Wax Museum

Place: Deir el-Qamar

Distance from Beirut: 44.4 km

Phone: 00961-3-756000


These days, only few visitors stray into the Marie Baz Wax Museum, housed in the old Fakhreddine Palace in Deir el-Qamar. The centuries-old palace houses more than 40 lifelike wax figures, spread over several stories. These figures are representations of the most important figures in Lebanese history.

Samir Baz opened the museum two decades ago, using well-known figures to make Lebanese history accessible to the country’s citizens. He had over 40 wax figures made in France, and then had them shipped to Lebanon. He converted Fakhreddine Palace, which has been in the Baz family’s possession for generations, into a spacious museum. Lifelike Druze princesses, occupiers and militia leaders all serve to bring Lebanon’s eventful history to life.

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