Bchatfine Abayas

Place: Bchatfine

Distance from Beirut: 38.2 km

Phone: 00961-3-681756


The loom is considered one of the oldest tools that have been used for centuries to complete the production of woolen textiles that have been associated with human since the beginnings,

The loom weaving industry was noticeably active before the civil war in Lebanon, making the Lebanese Abaya a source of pride for the women of foreign and Lebanese Society.

In the town of Bchatfine, Hana Fayyad sat here, telling us the story of her family with the loom. “The late Abu Sheikh Muhammad Fayyad inherited this craft from his father, and it has been in our house for more than a hundred and ten years. My grandfather was the first to introduce it to this region. He learned it from his father in 1936 when he was 12 years old, and it was limited at that time to knitting traditional gowns for clerics, but my father, after he excelled in it, tried to develop it, so he created eight “duwas” to create “inscriptions” and drawings and new types of stitches that distinguished his works. Kings and princes, such as Haile Selassie, Emperor of Abyssinia, Soviet astronaut Valentina Krechikova, and Vidal Castro.

She is proud that she learned the craft from her father and excelled in it and her brother Hassan, and she in turn teaches it to her nephew.

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